Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why does my nail polish come off when i shower?

did you put a protective finishing coat on them?....if you only put the nail polish on them, then that isnt going to cut it hun.Why does my nail polish come off when i shower?
You are not using a base and top coat, nor are you applying two coats.

Nail polish will only last about a week anyways, but if you dont do any of the above or take care of your nails in extreme heat or cold, they will last only a few days.Why does my nail polish come off when i shower?
cause all nailpolish comes off.. mine does too. Its not like nail polish is meant to last a year or two. A could days normally does it. But yeah, the shower thing happens to me too.. and i just touch it up afterwards if it looks weirdd.
Use a topcoat and make sure your nail polish is waterproof

what brand is it?

get opi or just a quality brand.
use a top coat on your polish and it shouldnt wear off
is your nail polish dry before you shower? or is it wet?
i dk thats weird lol use a better brand? what brand do you use?
Get a decent branded one
use a beta brand


  1. mine does it too even with base and top coat the only brand that i find sticks to my nails is lasting finish pro by rimmel even opi doesnt work. the polish peels off my nails in the shower sometimes in one whole piece but most of the time the colors just peel off the tip i think its because my nails are oily but i use remover i think that would dry them out so idk

  2. Nail polish coming off in the shower happens to a lot of people, and it's horribly inconvenient. Easy, quick, cheap solution: Gloves!!

    Wear a pair of thin, disposable gloves, and a rubberband at the very top to keep them from filling with water. You can reuse the gloves, and they are like second skin in that you can still "feel" through them. The rubberband should be tight be not too tight, and a little bit of water usually gets in—that’s okay, your polish will stay on. At the end of your shower, if no water seeped in, just remove the bands, fill with water to allow the gloves to slip off, and let them air dry. Easy! Hope this helps someone!! :)