Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is smelling/sniffing Nail Polish harmful?

Would it be considered a drug, and does it contain solvent?Is smelling/sniffing Nail Polish harmful?
If you are painting your nails and you happen to smell it, that's fine. But if you stay up all night, sniffing the bottle of polish, then that is bad, very bad. Basically- don't intentionally sniff or smell it. But if you accidentally get a whiff of it, you're not going to die.Is smelling/sniffing Nail Polish harmful?
Yes, it is harmful and very dangerous.

Don't do it. It can kill!
yes. when i had drugs day at school, they said if you sniff it and someone comes in you can die of shock because its dangerous and youre not meant to be doing it in the first place.
im sure it'd do you harm if you inhaled it for long enough

whats wrong with flowers?
Its a chemical and could do damage if you inhale it too much.. once in a while won't kill you... but dont do it intentionally
nah just few more brain cells dead...
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With any toxic exposure, ingestion, or allergic reaction, recovery and prognosis depend on the how much of the poison was swallowed and how quickly the patient received treatment. Nail polish tends to come in small bottles, so serious poisoning is unlikely if only one bottle was swallowed. However, always seek immediate emergency medical care.

Some people intentionally sniff nail polish to become intoxicated (drunk) by the fumes. Over time these people, as well as those working in poorly ventilated nail salons, can develop a condition known as ';painter's syndrome.'; This is a permanent condition that causes walking problems, speech problems, and memory loss.
Yes, a mate of mine does it and has grown another eye, in the middle of his forehead. He can look side to side and upwards now, all at once. He complains when we call him Cyclops, he says the old Greek giant had only the one eye, and he's not like that. Keep off the nail polish, I say. You never know your (bad) luck. Try Kiwi dark tan shoe polish, smells much better, but keep it off your nose end. Enjoy!
Are you trying to fry your brain?
yes it is harmful;no;it depends on what kind of nail polish it is, like who its made by
Yes, multiple uses, and long-term usage is damaging. Unhealthy.
for one i dont see on the label were it says breath all your air out then take a big huff of this stuff so uh dont do it im sensitive to the smell of it cause it stinks the whole house up
It is acetone and can be harmful if inhaled to excess. It is like glue sniffing. There have been deaths from sniffing too much.
yes it is harmful it can get you high like other drugs
It contains acetone so sniffing is a really bad idea.
I have no idea but I like the smell of nail varnish.
I should imagine it was.
Sniffing it directly could b hramful but percieving it is not.
Once i started to get high off the smelly chemicals in my bathroom cabinet.

You will get high off of the anil polish and don't even try nail polish remover it is bad.

Yes it is harmful. Anything that has a strong scent like that you should only be around for short periods of time.
Yeah thats inhalence. You should not do that cause if you do your a dumbass.
if you're gonna kill brain cells, why not use a sharpie instead? they smell better
Yes it does so dont sniff it!!
Yes - dangerous and it does contain solvents!
not harmful but can make you high
Of course it is harmful it is the same as glue sniffing. Nail polish is also highly inflammable a young girl near where I live burnt to death doing this it is an incredibly stupid thing to do
yes because its flammable, anything thats flammable dont put it in your nose, just smoke pot.

the way the high works is that it blocks oxygen from getting to your brain... its really dumb
Yes and if your dumb enough to sniff it them apparently you already killed to many brain cells .

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