Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why does nail-polish harden when you use it after a while?

Because the solvent evaporates, leaving behind only the real nail polish. If you put acetone into it, you are adding solvents so it goes back to a liquid phase.Why does nail-polish harden when you use it after a while?

Help keeping nail polish from chipping?

Every time I paint my nails, they start chipping right away even when I use top/base coat. What else can I do to make the color last longer?Help keeping nail polish from chipping?
The paint is not of good quality. Try painting the edge of the nail as well and paint over with another coat of top coat every couple of days if it's that bad.
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  • Wat color nail polish would fit a yellow dress?

    the yellow dress is like bright yellow, not the disgusting darkish yellow

    here r the colors: (besides french manicure)

    strawberry / hot pink

    turquoise / darkish blue





    do u suggest any other colors?

    thanx so much :DWat color nail polish would fit a yellow dress?
    Why not french manicure? That would look by far the best. Otherwise I a light pink would be ok, but I honestly don't think any of those colors would really go with a light yellow dress... unless you are going for bright and noticeable. In which case I would say hot pink. Not black though. Good Luck =)Wat color nail polish would fit a yellow dress?
    out of teh ones you listed, i would say strawberry.

    if you go to cvs or a drugstore, they have nyc nailpolish for a dollar and theres a color thats liek a sparkly maroon. i think it would go very well with the dress.
    definatly white, and since its the summer just ignore black completly, black nail polish looks terrible in the summer
    hm i would go with either the orange or the pink =]\

    help me?;鈥?/a>
    i would say french, but if you want a color, i would suggest white or orange. any of those would loo good though.

    hope i helped.
    i think you should go with the french manicure it looks really classy but chic.. but if not id do the orange it will look summery and fun :]
    blue, hot pink or white

    whichever on that you choose, make sure that you have matching acessories in the same color%26amp;shade!
    black, it goes with everything
    I'd have a french manicure go natural!
    light yellow

    only glitter

    or orange
    well if u wanna pop than do like a brite yellow.. if u dont then maybe an orange or a brown...
    i would sayyy.....white, pink, or a nude color.
    white or light pink nothing tooo extreme
    how about a french manicure? that would look soo good!

    What color nail polish do you have on?

    if you are a guy what color do you wish you had on?OR what color do you like best on a girl...or if your nails are bare what color socks are your favorite...i know i am random lolWhat color nail polish do you have on?
    Neon orange on my fingernails, electric blue on my toenails.What color nail polish do you have on?
    i just put on orange lol.

    i have fair skin and it looks really well with orange!

    dark purple and neon green nail polish. interchanging. cool huh?
    I have this light, shimery green on with little stick on flower nail decorations. And I have white and green socks on XD

    Happy 2009!
    On my finger nails I have pastel green and pink in a pattern. My toes are also painted in a pattern but they are neon green and pink. Yup. For socks I love any thing with lots of colors
    i like to mismatch my socks lol
    Black With

    White Polka-Dots.

    .miss courtney lynn.
    dark blue! :D
    OPI ';sheer'; your toys
    i have a burgundy color on. i love darker colors like black, burgundy, and deep purple. it reminds me of lc from the hills! *hero* :)
    french tips on fingers %26amp; toes :) .. i loveloveLOVE manis %26amp; pedis.
    i have black nail polish on one hand and neon pink on the other
    Deep berry tones for fall, I like a deep dark purple, OPI makes great colors my favorite is Lincoln park after dark. Spring I like nude colors and summer I prefer bright reds and pinks. socks, i stick to normal whites and I only wear socks when I wear boots or its heels.
    lmaooo. i have neon pink onn:P its so cute its made by China Glaze

    but was 6.00$
    I have on bright pink with a glossy coat. Sometimes I dot my nails with dark colors so they stand out. My socks...are white.
    my nails are ';san fransisco';.

    haha. its a red color with a gold hint.

    and my favorite socks are my purple cashmere ones :)
    i have Barry M Coral on, coral is my fave!
    Electric Blue
    Red nail polish
    Red hot red.
    bright green.

    more like a blue-green with more green than blue.
    hot pink
    my nails are black and white

    haha but my favorite socks are red and white striped with moose on them :]
    I have peach nail polish on with star nail stickers :]

    I like pink best on a girl
    french tips but instead of white on the top it is gold
    hot pink
    metallic pink
    I rarely paint my fingernails, but my toenails are always painted. I like to change up the color every 2 weeks or so. This week I have a light shimmery pink on. Last week I had bright red. I have a really pretty purple that I like to wear every now and then.

    Hmm....socks. I love socks. I've got lots of different colors and patterns. The only thing is...I don't match them. I don't know why, but my socks never match. Only if I see the same two next to each other I'll wear them. My sister makes fun of me, but I don't care. My favorite are my blue army camo socks.

    Is there anything that I can take nail polish off with when I don't have polish remover???

    I have no polish remover and I desperately need to get my polish off because I dont want to go out looking hidous and have no way to go anyways til morning!!! somebody help Please!!!Is there anything that I can take nail polish off with when I don't have polish remover???
    ummm no.

    put on glovesIs there anything that I can take nail polish off with when I don't have polish remover???
    This may seem silly, put re-paint over your nails with fresh nail polish and then take a cotton ball and wipe it off. :)

    It will not be as clean as if you did it with nail polish remover. But it works and gets majority of the paint off. I would also try to swipe it with a WET cotton ball. Never tried it with a wet cotton ball, but the results may vary. Hope I've helped :DD
    If you have the nail polish itself, repaint over the existing polish. This will soften the dry polish. Then wipe it off. Preferably with a strong paper towel or and old rag or washcloth. I wouldn't use a cotton ball because the fuzz might stick to your nail if it starts to dry up a little.
    if you have another thing of nail polish, paint it over the old nail polish and rub it of with a cotton ball or something. it should slide right off. Its always worked for me. good luck
    take another nail polish, put it on, and quickley wipe it off with a papertowel. do not let it dry whatsoever. u might have to do it a couple times... but thats what i do when i run out of remover!
    You can try with your deodorent or perfume.
    Alcohol will sometimes get it off. ( not the drinking kind the kind in your medicine cabinet) :)
    Try some ammonia or rubbing alcohol.
    take a hot shower, and after a while the steam will make it easier to get it off, then just scrape it off.
    use a razor blade to scrape it off but apply lots of hand lotion afterwards.

    note: do at own risk.
    u could try ur very very best to paint over tem. but then again they might look ewwww. scrape it off but that will ruin ur nails also lol
    you could paint over your nails then wipe it of with a cotton ball.
    scrape it off? that could wreck your nails though.

    Will nail polish remover hurt solar nails?

    will nail polish remover hurt solar (finger) nails. so i can change my polish?

    Will nail polish remover hurt solar nails?
    There are two types of polish - acetone, and non-acetone. The non-acetone should be fine for solar nails. I didn't have a problem with it. Will nail polish remover hurt solar nails?
    It depends on the nail polish remover. If there are lots of ingredients it could damage your nails. Try to get something simple and your nails will be fine.
    Always use NON-ACETONE polish remover on artificial nails.

    Acetone remover on real nails.
    nopeeee :]]
    No. you nails should be fine.
    Not if you drink enough milk i guess...
    no =]
    no unless u hav a cut then it mite sting a bit but other than that no

    HELP!!purply nail polish stain on rose coloured carpet,need good stain remover/home remedy!!?

    me and my friend nancy were just painting our nails in my family room when she spilt the bottle ALL over my carpet.any good stain removing tips?HELP!!purply nail polish stain on rose coloured carpet,need good stain remover/home remedy!!?
    Hey lauren, bummer! nice going nancy:P

    It might not come out, but acetone free nail polish remover might work, but may harm your carpet. I don't know if this will work for ';old'; stains, but for new ones: Use a lot of water, keep the stain wet! Use about 15-20 squirts of hair spray and 3-5 splashes of rubbing alcohol. Scrub gently with a small scrub brush. Blot with paper towels. Repeat as necessary. Don't forget to keep pouring water during the process.HELP!!purply nail polish stain on rose coloured carpet,need good stain remover/home remedy!!?
    try goo gone or W-D40