Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My nail polish keeps peeling off (in one piece not little flakes).?

By peeling off like completely. It comes off altogether, not in like little flakes or wearing off. It's like dry and then all of a sudden, if I brush up against something, it doesn't just smear or something it completely lifts off.My nail polish keeps peeling off (in one piece not little flakes).?
It likely is that your nail polish is getting old, or the quality is very poor.

I have a few polishes that come off very easily, even if I rubbed my nails against my pants or something.

I would try a top coat, or purchase better quality brands.My nail polish keeps peeling off (in one piece not little flakes).?
u might be putting it on to thick. My guess is that you aren't waiting long enough for your polish to dry. Try putting it on at night while your watching a movie. put a base coat on, wait for five minutes. put your color on. wait 15-30 min, put second coat on. wait for 20 min and put a clear coat on top. Wait 30 min - 1 hr b4 you do anything else. if worse comes 2 worse get new polish
Its cheap nail polish, try a different brand.

OPI is good but a little more expensive, also e.l.f. nail polish (online or big lots) is only a dollar and NEVER peels off!

good luck :)
hmm then it probably is not a very good nail polish. i had one like that, and i dont use it anymore because it did that. try sally hansen or something
You put too much on and didn't let it dry properly.

It happens to me all the time. Just put two layers on and let the first one dry completely.

first apply a base coat

Then two layers of nail polish (not too thick)

Then put on a layer of top coat

And make sure you have quality polish, not the cheap kind

Good Luck!
Try a different kind of nail polish or try putting on a clear coat on top.
UMMMMM try a base a coat or OPI chip skip.
You put it on too thick.
try washing your hands before you paint your nails.
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    1. Same issue....had my nails done at a salon last Friday & by Sat morning, it was coming off in sheets. Today I have unpolished nails without any remover!! Used a base coat, 2 coats of OPI "Dutch Tulips", then a topcoat....all high end brands. Going back tomorrow to let nail tech redo them, but would like to know what caused it to begin with.